Hope gathers here....



Monday - Saturday
11AM - 3PM


Please call during hours above.

After hours, you can take home a slice of cake or other baked goods by checking out through The Alcoves register. 

Gather has a cooler stocked with sandwich spreads, side dishes and other treats for customers to take home and enjoy!

Gather Bistro & Bakery

Take time to peruse the full menu and enjoy the outstanding
delicacies presented on your behalf. Keep your energy up by ordering
a calming cup of tea or fresh-brewed coffee served in a unique, classy
teacup. Host an eventful party of your choice at this perfect venue.
You won't be disappointed if you choose to dine in this exquisite cafe!

A dessert cart with cookies and others treats are available for sale all day.

Gather also offers custom dessert orders for pickup!