Ways to Serve

Our Farm Volunteers

Equine discipleship Trainer/Therapist.

We are seeking a person that loves horses and is passionate about helping people struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Our therapy will work through the understanding of the sheep and shepherd model when it comes to equine therapy. Go to welcome2ourfarm.com to sign up for this and other volunteer opportunities at "OUR FARM." 

APFUM Residential Volunteers


We try to pair each resident with a strong, mature Christian female mentor. The hope is that the mentor can help the resident connect with a local church, be a spiritual support to the resident while in the APFUM residential program and be an accountability partner for the resident to complete their weekly spiritual growth worksheets. We ask that each mentor meet with their resident for one hour weekly and provide feedback to staff about the resident's progress in the mentorship.

Mentor Requirements:

  • A willing heart to help a struggling young woman with her spiritual growth,
  • Pastoral recommendation
  • Be an active and growing member of a local church

Please scroll down and complete the volunteer form. 

Childcare Volunteers

Periodically, APFUM residents need childcare for the first 12 weeks of their placement, so they can attend GED classes, Learning Center classes or attend appointments. We need individuals who are willing to come to the Residential Home and babysit 1 or 2 children Monday-Friday from 8 am-3 pm or periodically as needed (evenings or weekends). Background checks must be conducted and we ask volunteers to please donate $16 towards this. If you are interested in volunteering as a childcare helper, please complete the from below. 

Childcare Volunteer Requirements:

  • A Christian female who enjoys caring for infants/toddlers (minors 15 yo and up can babysit with the permission of their parent/guardian)
  • Ability to assist with childcare Mon-Fri 8 am-3pm or as needed at other times
  • Keep the child at your home if needed (backgrounds check must be done prior)
  • Assist with transportation of a child and/or resident in your car as needed

Complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a childcare volunteer or other volunteer opportunities 

We use the SIgnUp app to schedule volunteers. Please click the link below and sign-up for a specific date and time.

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