Megiddo Volunteers 

Since partnering with the Megiddo Dream Station Job Skills Training Program in 2021, APFUMI has been blessed with several dedicated volunteers who pour into our residents weekly. Volunteers are trained by the Megiddo team and then teach classes once a week for our residents. Volunteers teach job skills including:

  • how to dress for success
  • resume writing
  • communication skills
  • financial planning
  • project management

APFUMI staff are very thankful for these hardworking and dedicated volunteers! Their service makes a huge impact on the residents!

Pictured are Jim & Lillian Moneyhun, 2 former residents, Tammy Gravely, Sheryle Frederic, and Leslie McKaba. These were our first Megiddo Volunteers and the first Megiddo participants for APFUMI. 

Four residents have completed all the Megiddo requirements and received their Megiddo Job Training certificates since 2021.

Megiddo Volunteer Feedback Form