Meet Faith

Celebrating Easter together at APFUM.

Faith completed her GED and received her SC Diploma while at APFUM.

Faith enrolled in Piedmont Tech while a resident. She continued her summer semester and made the Dean's list!

New Life...

Faith came to A Place for Us shortly after the birth of her youngest daughter (pictured). Faith was seeking a change from her past struggles with addiction. She had grown up with loving grandparents who instilled within her a Christian worldview. However, through life circumstances, she found herself entrenched in addiction. She and her fiancé both desired to end the cycle of addiction, so they could raise their three daughters together. Faith came to APFUM and her fiancé enrolled in a local sober living program. During her time at APFUM, Faith was able to complete the Level 1 spiritual development requirements, finish her GED and enroll in Piedmont Tech. She was able to reunite with her grandmother and find the support she needed. APFUM staff are excited to see the continued blessings of her commitment to God as she continues to grow in her relationship with Him. 

Faith's Level 1 Graduation