Nicaragua stories matter....


A Place For Us International Ministry is specifically focused
on Nicaragua, a country located in Central America. Our
International Ministry exists to infuse the Good News where
it operates. The ministry wants to restore hope and justice,
to help fight extreme poverty, and to combat global sexual
slavery and exploitation through community outreach and
decent work training.

Meet Esmeralda

This is Esmeralda. Her mother and siblings attend Casa de Dios. We were blessed to visit the church in October 2022. We noticed Esmeralda worshiping the Lord with her whole heart during the service. It did not take long before she warmed up to us Americans.  Before we left, she stole our hearts. We all got lots of hugs and kisses from this little girl--enough to last a year. We hope to go back and see her and the other children soon. We are praying that she will remain in church with her family and serve the Lord there in La Conquista. We are praying for many others to remain in church at Casa de Dios, too. She loves drawing, and we were able to purchase her an art pad and markers.

Meet Juana

When visiting Nicaragua, it is with great pleasure that we get to visit and pray over many of the elderly men and women. Some, we have come to know and love for many years. This lady being one of them. Juana is 105 years-old.  When we first meet, she was expected to lose her leg. We prayed and asked God to heal her. Today, at least 5 years later, she still has her leg.  Each time we go, we take her glasses, buy her medicated cream, pray over her leg and for God to strengthen her. She always greets us with a warm welcome.  On our last trip, she told us she could no longer eat regular food. We left and got her a container of soup. When we arrived back to deliver her soup, she had put on her Sunday best purple and white dress. She shared with great enthusiasm the story of Moses and baby Jesus with us before leaving. Please keep Juana in your prayers.