New Year, Same Mission

What an honor it was to walk through 2020 with you all! We are so excited for this year! We are expecting God to continue to display His goodness and faithfulness within and through A Place For Us Ministries International in 2021!

As we begin this year, we want to share with you all some updates from Pastor Carlos in Nicaragua. As you may have heard, Nicaragua was recently hit with two devastating hurricanes. Pastor Carlos sent reports of community members loosing what little they had to begin with. With a heavy heart, he recounted to us the destruction of the homes, the damage to the land, and the loss of precious children within the community. In the midst of it all, God remained faithful and laid it upon your hearts to be generous during this time of tragedy. Your donations supplied care packages, medical supplies, food, and hope for those in dire need. We were able to bring smiles to children's faces by giving them a toy as a Christmas Gift. God graced us with the ability to truly make a difference in Nicaragua this Christmas through your generosity. Thank you!

Top Left: Pastor Carlos delivering a care package to a local member of the community.

Top Right: The children receiving toys for Christmas in Children's Church with Pastor Carlos.

Left: Community members receiving medical supplies and assistance at a recent medical clinic.

We are preparing to send water filters to Pastor Carlos for those who were hit the hardest during the hurricane. These water filters will provide clean water for many families for 10 years. We have been so humbled by your generous efforts to give towards this important cause. You are preventing death from water-borne illness with your donation. Thank you!

We humbly ask that you would continue to cover Pastor Carlos and A Place For Us Ministries International in your prayers this year. While the year has changed, the challenges are still present. However, we rest assured in knowing that our God remains the same. If you would like more information on Pastor Carlos, our mission in Nicaragua, and how to get involved, please contact us at Thank you!

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