A Place For Us is a Place for Who?

A Place For Us Ministries was founded with the purpose of uplifting young women from their current crisis to a place of wholeness through the love and grace of God. While APFUM began as an organization for young pregnant women, we have blossomed into an organization that caters to all young women (aged 13 - 27) who are experiencing life hindering situations, regardless of whether or not they are pregnant. A Place For Us is far more than a homeless shelter, we are a center of transformation through Christ Jesus.We are a place of healing and restoration for broken women.

Due to the nature of our program, we often find ourselves answering the question of, "So what exactly do you offer?" Today, we hope to answer that question and more in order to increase awareness our services to this community and beyond. As you read, if someone comes to your mind, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know! We would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to minister to the ones you love.


APFUM's residential program is for young women aged 13 - 27 who are in the midst of a life hindering situation that have a desire to see God move in their lives. This program is not successful if the resident does not have a willing heart to change. However, God can certainly give a resident a willing heart after they have arrived in our program.


All of our residents begin in the residential program. This program lasts a minimum of twelve weeks, however, it is often extended based on each residents individual needs. During these first twelve weeks, a resident will receive spiritual training, job-skills training, life coaching and an opportunity to begin the healing process from the events of their past that have resulted in the situation they are currently in. Minor residents will be required to complete their schooling, and adult residents will have the opportunity to obtain their GED through community resources. Additionally, residents will have the opportunity to learn how to complete different artistic skills through our Creative Purpose program that will allow them to earn a small income. While they are in our program, residents are not able to work, however, their housing, meals and essential needs are all taken care of. For more information on the program guidelines, please visit the link below and click "Read More."


One of our most commonly asked questions when women are considering our program is, "How soon can I come?" Typically, it takes about two weeks to complete the application process. We ask all potential residents to call us every day for at least a week, complete an application, and attend an interview (in person or virtually depending on their location) prior to acceptance. Our staff must all be in agreement that this is a resident we can serve well in order for a resident to receive acceptance.

NOTE: Currently, all potential residents are required to have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of placement.


We are located in Greenwood, South Carolina, but our services are not limited to those who live in Greenwood County. We have served residents from all over South Carolina and even beyond!


A Place For Us is more than a shelter, it's a home. A Place For Us provides more than a community, it's a family. The journey here will not be easy nor will it be comfortable, but it will certainly be worthwhile. We firmly believe God uses APFUM to bring true transformation and redemption in the lives of the young women who come through our program.


If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, give us a call today at (864) 229 - 4243 or email us at Our staff will be happy to discuss the process and the next steps with you.

A Place For Us Could be a Place for You!

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