In the year of 2011, the founder and president of A Place For Us ministries, Tammie Price, had the privilege to go on her first mission trip to Nicaragua. Her eyes were opened to poverty on a level she would have never imagined. Tammie has visited a city dump where women and children dig through trash to try and salvage items to sell, a fishing village where, if they don’t catch any fish, the family doesn’t eat. The greatest challenge she sees for this country is that many women have no way to be educated and work to support their families. Most people have never faced the challenge of finding their next meal, living in plastic homes with dirt floors and no running water and electricity, or being forced to sell their bodies to feed their children. Two out of three people (68%) struggle to survive on little more than one dollar per day. Most people can’t imagine what that would feel like.

On Tammie's second trip to Nicaragua, the Lord began to put a tremendous burden on her heart for the people she had encountered. Upon her return to Greenwood, SC, her tears flowed for days. Through many confirmations, it became evident that Tammie needed to share the needs of the women and children in Nicaragua with A Place For Us Board of Directors. After a trip to Nicaragua in December 2014, the A Place For Us Board of Directors agreed to set-up a beauty training facility that would teach hair, makeup, nails, jewelry making, sewing, Biblical studies, budgeting, parenting, and business classes, creating a better life for the entire family.

A Place for Us International Ministry exists to infuse the Good News where it operates. The ministry wants to restore hope and justice, to help fight extreme poverty, and to combat global sexual slavery and exploitation through its prison ministry, the sponsorship and after-school program for children, the education program and endless meals provided for families in need, the assistance given to the elderly, and teaching women the necessary skills to create income through sewing classes and different trades. This training allows young women to leave behind lives of prostitution, abuse, and extreme poverty, and trade it in for a life of hope and rewarding work. The social and economic impact is life changing as each student develops a new set of skills, as well as the sense of dignity and self respect that adds tremendous value to their surrounding communities.

On a ‘really good’ Nicaraguan salary of eight USD per day, it will not take many beauty customers to help these ladies feed their families. Some of the graduates may receive a chicken or a fish for a haircut or beauty treatment, while others may travel on a bus to a nearby town spend time at a salon. Either way, it has been predicted that providing hope through education of one woman in this culture can impact up to twenty-five family members. 

A Place For Us International Ministry headquarters is located at "Papa’s House" in Santa Teresa, Nicaragua, where most live on less than two dollars per day due to limited education and job opportunities.

The purpose of "Papa’s House" is to host teams for sports camps, medical missions, teen ministry, and other missions activities. It also has a training center to teach men and women trades and skills, and it contains a preschool that teaches English using the resources from the Bible. "Papa’s House" is a place of outreach for prayer, movie nights, and encouragement to the locals in nearby villages.

Help support A Place For Us International Ministry through fervent prayer, one-time or monthly donations, hosting a fundraiser, providing necessary supplies, sponsoring a student, or join the mission team as they travel to Nicaragua several times each year!

Interested in joining us on a trip to Nicaragua? Don't hesitate to reach out! You can find our trip packet below. For more information, contact us at (864) 229 - 4243 or apfuminternational@gmail.com